speaker presentations

I have been very lucky to survive as a performer and make my living in the arts.  Over a thirty year career, I have danced, sang, acted, been a magician’s assistant, worked cruise ships, emceed beauty pageants, auctioneered, emceed jet rollouts, spoken as a mock expert, directed, choreographed, produced, conceived an entire new format for branding at the Olympics, coached public speakers and somehow had a “normal” existence.  What have I learned?  How to connect with people.

My strengths onstage are reading a crowd and keeping them engaged. The energy of people coming together and having a shared experience is powerful and wonderful thing.  My mouth, your group, let’s ‘tawk.

From driving across Africa, to climbing Macchu Picchu, to sailing up the Nile on a Falujah, I have seen some things, strange and wonderful.  As much of the world as I have seen, all I think about are the countries and places that I haven’t been to. Traveling is a great opportunity to meet other people and realize we are all basically the same. We want a roof over our heads, food on the table, and to feel safe. My travels, your group let’s ‘tawk!




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